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About our department


Videoappeal of V.D.Gubin - dean of the department of philosophy.

The department of philosophy of the Russian state university for the humanities is the unique one, because it is aimed to form the philosophical mind, to give the way for the originally thinking people. This aim can be achieved not only by means of teaching different philosophical and humanitarian disciplines, but by means of making within it some creative atmosphere, which is fullfillehttp://www.ff-rggu.ru/sob/video_syuzhety/video_obrawenie_vdgubina/d and maintained by a circle of like minde persons - well known scientists and experienced teachers. These persons are selected according to some principles:
1. Teacher must be a serious investigator in the fields he teaches.
2. All the taught courses should be based on the materials elucidated in the works of the teacher himself.
3. Each teacher must respect his students and see in them not only his disciples, but collaborators and co-authors in the common matter of developping and strengthning of Russian philosophical culture.
All these efforts of our professors are also supported by fruitful cooperation with universities and scientific centers of Germany, Switzerland, USA and China.Our professors and students use different opportunities to contact foreign colleagues here in our university and abroad.
Our university as a whole and our department in particular encourage such contacts permanently.
Our department publishes every year students and postgraduated students papers in the Bulletin of the RSUH ( series "philosophy"), which is included in the list of the scientific specialties like "history of philosophy" and "social philosophy" of the RAC.
The programs of the specialized training make an organic part of the learning in our department. These programs help students to get some additional knowledge in the fields they are especially interested in. At the same time these programs create a favorable basis for the combination of the educational process with autonomous investigating activities of our students.
The department of philosophy is...
- philosophical training, which corresponds to the world standards;
- experienced professors, who work like one team;
- individual courses being taught uniquely in the RSUH;
- regular scientific conferences both of the teachers and students, supported by the RSUH and the RSSF;
- opportunities for the individualisation of the training process, including special courses and seminars;
- modern technologies of learning;
- intensive study of foreign languages;
- regular publication of the proper students and postgraduate students papers;
- possibilities of the creative work during the period of learning;
- special intellectual atmosphere, which opens the prospects for interesting contacts during the whole period of learning;
- permanent contacts with leading Russian and foreign scientists , politicians and artists;
- possibilities to get modern education, which contribute our graduates to compete in the market of labour;
- prospects of interesting job and worthy earnings.